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Everyone Makes Mistakes, Not Everyone Learns From Them

person-red-x-mark-mistakesAlthough not everyone will easily admit it, everyone does make mistakes. This is just part of life and the lessons that we must learn in our lives. If we don’t learn from our mistakes, what is to prevent us for repeating those same mistakes again? You know, sometimes making mistakes is just plain unavoidable.  READ MORE!

 Penalty Lifted !

google-new-logo-banned-penalty-help-information-guide-reviewI bought a domain a couple of weeks ago that was a drop/expired domain. I got it for registration fee (the regular cost to register the domain) and it is a good, dictionary word domain. I did my normal research on the domain before I bought it and everything looked good except that it had nothing in the Google index. READ MORE !

My Featured Website – Youtube.com

youtube-logo-image-videos-information-guide-helpIn this installment of “My Featured Website” I will be talking about a website that most people know about and have used at one time or another, that website is youtube.com. This is the worlds largest and most popular video sharing and watching website. A little fact about you tube that most people don’t know is that youtube.com is the #3 website in the world. READ MORE !

My Featured Website – Google

google-flag-logo-colors-review-guideI’m starting a new page in which I will be featuring a certain website or blog a few times a month. I will discuss why I think it deserves to be featured in this section, either good or bad. I will talk about my thoughts and views on the website from my personal experience and some experiences I have talked about with other people. READ MORE !

The Internet, Good or Bad?

internet-good-bad-sign-image-picture-iconThe internet plays an important part of the lives for many people all over the world. The internet helps to provide up with a quick and efficient way to find whatever it is that we are looking for at any given time. Weather you are looking for the latest news stories, trying to see what the weather forecast will be, you are looking to make a purchase, or many other things, the internet is where millions of people look first. READ MORE !


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