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Proper and Improper Spelling of Domain Names

Alphabet-Blocks-150px-CLEAR-NOINFWhen you are considering starting your own website or blog one of the first things that you need to think about is what domain name you will be using for it. Never underestimate how important the domain name that you choose for your website or blog is and how the domain name can impact the success of your site. READ MORE!

Everyone Makes Mistakes, Not Everyone Learns From Them

Person-Red-X-CLEAR-250px-WEB-PNG8-NOINFAlthough not everyone will easily admit it, everyone does make mistakes. This is just part of life and the lessons that we must learn in our lives. If we don’t learn from our mistakes, what is to prevent us for repeating those same mistakes again? You know, sometimes making mistakes is just plain unavoidable.  READ MORE!

What is your Reputation Worth?

Confused-Man-Money-Sign-NEW-CLEAR-250px---WEB---PNG8-NOINFRecently I have come across thread postings on a couple of different web forum websites that I am a member on that had topics and stories of sellers not going through with a transaction for something that the seller had listed up for auction on a website. The sellers had stated to the winning bidders, that they were not going to go through with a sale. READ MORE!

Trademarks and why Research Matters with Domains

Trademark-Lock-150px-CLEAR-WEB-PNG24-NOINFLately I have seen a big growth in the amount of new people dabbling in domain investing or, better known as domaining. One thing that seems to happen to just about every new domainer (someone who buys domain names for the purpose of selling them for a profit) is that they jump right in and start buying up domain names that they think will make them the most profit. READ MORE!

What is this World Coming To?

Confused-CC-G-CLEAR 150px - NOINFReading the news across the internet, watching the news on TV and what’s going on lately has me asking “What is this World coming to?”. Maybe it’s just me and because I am getting older, but I just seem to think there is just so much craziness and hatred going on lately in this world. READ MORE!

 Penalty Lifted !

Google Banned CLEAR w-TM 150px - NOINFI bought a domain a couple of weeks ago that was a drop/expired domain. I got it for registration fee (the regular cost to register the domain) and it is a good, dictionary word domain. I did my normal research on the domain before I bought it and everything looked good except that it had nothing in the Google index. READ MORE !

My Featured Website – Youtube.com

Youtube-Logo-Ulterios-Color-BG-150px---WEB---NOINFIn this installment of “My Featured Website” I will be talking about a website that most people know about and have used at one time or another, that website is youtube.com. This is the worlds largest and most popular video sharing and watching website. A little fact about you tube that most people don’t know is that youtube.com is the #3 website in the world. READ MORE !

Keep Your Eyes On The Road Or Else!

Eyes-on-the-road-CLEAR-BG-150px---WEB---NOINFThese days there are many distractions that can get a driver of a car, truck or whatever distracted. Everything from messing around with your stereo to checking Facebook on a Smartphone can cause a driver to take his or her eyes off of the road while driving which in many cases can lead to an unexpected accident. READ MORE !

My Featured Website – Newegg.com

Newegg-Logo-PNG-150px---WEB---NOINFWell in this installment of “My Featured Website”, I thought I would feature Newegg.com. One reason I thought I would feature this website is because I love electronics of all kinds, especially computers and Newegg.com has tons of awesome things for an electronics enthusiast to check out. If you love electronics, especially then this is a MUST SEE website. READ MORE !

My Featured Website – eGeek Universe

eGeek Universe 200px WideMy third installment of “My Featured Website” is about a website called eGeek Universe (www.egeekuniverse.com). On eGeek Universe there are all kinds or articles, stories, tips and other information about electronics, mostly consumer electronics like cell phones, MP3 players, tablets, laptops and things along those lines. READ MORE !

To Advertise or Not?

Advertise Here Ball 150pxLike many people out there on the internet, I started my website / blog as just a way to express some thoughts, ideas, viewpoints and whatever else I wanted to share with the world. As time has gone by and the number of people who come and visit my site has increased I had pondered the idea of putting up some advertising on my site. READ MORE !

Domain Names & Web Hosting

Computers Linking to Server CC-G 150pxI thought I would write an article about domain names (Internet Addresses) and web hosting service since they are both something I know about. Now don’t misunderstand me, I don’t know everything there is to know about domain names and web hosting but I do know more than the average person does. READ MORE !

My Featured Website – eBay

eBay Logo ButtonThis is my second installment of “My Featured Website” so I thought I would talk about one of my other favorite websites, eBay.com. Now I am sure pretty much everyone has heard of eBay. They are the biggest online auction website in the world and have been around for getting close to twenty years.READ MORE !

My Featured Website – Google

Google Crown Small CC-GI’m starting a new page in which I will be featuring a certain website or blog a few times a month. I will discuss why I think it deserves to be featured in this section, either good or bad. I will talk about my thoughts and views on the website from my personal experience and some experiences I have talked about with other people. READ MORE !

The Internet, Good or Bad?

Good Bad CroppedThe internet plays an important part of the lives for many people all over the world. The internet helps to provide up with a quick and efficient way to find whatever it is that we are looking for at any given time. Weather you are looking for the latest news stories, trying to see what the weather forecast will be, you are looking to make a purchase, or many other things, the internet is where millions of people look first. READ MORE !

DOT What???

Question-Mark-DOT-CC-G-150px---WEB---NOINFYou might see the title to this article and wonder what the article is going to be about. The answer is domain extensions. Now many people aren’t familiar with the term “Domain Extension” and for those who don’t know what a domain extension is, here is the easiest definition I know. A domain extension is the suffix at the end of a domain name, like the most common .com or .net you see at the end of a web address (URL). READ MORE !


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